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Get Peace and Balance in your Life

The You're Not Crazy Menopause book shares important information that may help you find wellness and a balance lifestyle.

Change is on the Horizon

Are you experiencing major and unfamiliar changes in life, unexplored territory with weight gain, hot flashes, and moodiness that sometimes makes things unpleasant.  Let's discuss several tools, and self help factors.  I want to share my experiences with women all over the world. In this way, I began my "marathon for menopause."

"The Wait is Over"

Like the experience on a crazy roller-coaster, that's how menopause makes you feel.  Enjoy the "stories" within "stories" which makes this book a definite page flipper.  With a passion of wellness for women, this book is recommended reading that provides a birds-eye view of what women are dealing with when going through "peri" and "post" menopause.


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